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Community Libation Ceremony

On Sunday, August 7, 2016 Beck, as part of its Eighth of August Jubilee, will host its Second Annual Libation Ceremony.  The theme for the Ceremony this year is, "A Community Remembers," and this year we will pay tribute to all ... 


The Libation Ceremony is a symbolic pouring of liquid done in the spirit of remembrance. During the ceremony, we honor the past, so that we may learn from it. We honor the importance of family and friends. We look to God to show our reverence for the original source of our lives. We celebrate the memory of the departed. Family, friends and ancestors who have passed on. During this ceremony we will remember the original slaves that were freed on August 8, 1863, some of which are buried in this historic cemetery. 


Additionally, this year we will also take time to remember all those who have died at a young age.  If you have a young friend or family member that has passed on and would like to have them remembered, please REGISTER THEM TODAY. Each REGISTERED name will be called and remembered during the Roll Call. We remember … lest we forget. 


Please Note This List Is Updated Weekly and Will Continue Through

12:00 Noon on Friday, August 5, 2016

Please Contact Us If Your Name Does Not Appear

1922 Maurice Mayes
1975 Fannie Mae Wiggins
1986 Randall Gist
1991 Sparkle Chandler
1994 Ebony Latreece Anderson
1994 Tori Bush
1995 Michael J. Moore
1996 Brittany S. Daniels
1996 Beatrice Gist Prater
1996 Cha'Bria T. Cozart
1996 Jabaar K. Dragg
1996 James S. Fugate
1996 Felicia N. Harris
1996 Domonic H. Lewis
1996 Samuel G. Martin, Jr.
1996 Alvin A. Tonk McKenzie
1996 Jasmine D. Peters
1996 Joshua Rogers
1996 Kevin J. Shell
1997 DeWayne T. Wells
1998 Chalise A. Anderson
1998 Gabriel A. Batts
1998 James H. Evans, Jr.
1998 Robert Lee Fletcher, Jr.
1998 Edward Willie James, III
1998 Amber M. Weaver
1998 Taborres D. Weston
1998 Emanuel O. Wykle
1999 De'Onna Brown
1999 Clifford L. Cwan, Jr.
1999 Rose D. Davis
1999 Loretta D. Stone
1999 Daniel N. Williams
2000 Shania M. Batts
2000 Khalil D. Branner
2000 Ja'Nyia D. Gorden
2000 Demerris J. McGhee
2000 Taurus D. Sullivan
2000 Alvin N. Young, Jr.
2002 Christol S. Lewis
2002 Devin Akeem McGhee
2002 Kieth Mills
2002 Joshua Eugene Underwood
2003 Esha Hoffman
2005 Travis Maurice Brinson
2005 Gregory Allen Johnson
2006 Moore Brooke Calloway
2006 Desean Jarrell Garner
2006 Daaron S. Goins
2006 Jaqueaze J. Hill
2006 JaJuan DeWayne Russell, Jr.
2007 Alaura Monique Dunn
2007 Khritian D. Hartsell
2007 Demarcus A Page
2008 Martes Mattews
2008 Renita M. Slay
2008 Roderick "EJ" D. Price
2010 Dachanna Deshay Dotson
2011 Shaniah L. Mitchell
2012 Phillip "Tookie" Smith
2012 Deshaun Allen O'Keefe
2012 Gerren M. D. Meade
2013 Uniqua Brown
2015 Zaevion Dobson
2015 Alan Johnson
2015 James Gist
2015 G'Metrik Caldwell
2015 Jasmyn M. Bevely
2015 James Bron, Jr.
2015 Jonah Colbert
2015 Kendall Garner
2015 Justyce Hamilton
2015 Sidney Jackson, Jr.
2015 Kameron Mills
2015 Payton Teeter
2016 JaJuan Latham
2016 Hannah Tate
2016 Jazmine Ann Wright

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