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Our Permanent Exhibits are premier attractions and people come back again and again to be reintroduced to the pioneers and trailblazers of yesterday that continue to influence our world today and into the future.

While there are several Permanent Exhibits throughout Beck below you will find information on: The Story of Knoxville's Urban Renewal, The Judge Hastie Room, and The Pioneer Stairway. 


In addition, when you visit the Museum you will also be intrigued with the Roll Call Display that has all Black Officials and their Offices from 1869-current year along with other Permanent Exhibits found only at Beck.

The Story of Knoxville's Urban Renewal

Knoxville’s Urban Renewal projects began in 1959 and had several parts.  The Willow Street Project, Them Mountain View Project, and the Morningside Project made a great impact on the black business community.  Indeed, the segment of society was almost completely wiped out by the time they ended in 1974.  Under Title I of the Housing act of 1949 the federal government granted assistance and loans to local communities wanting to eliminate slums, urban blight, and substandard housing. The target areas here had some of all of that, but the projects went too far.  The wrecking ball took the good and the bad.  It destroyed shacks and stately homes alike.  Much of the heritage of the black community was erased form the map.


The Beck Story of Urban Renewal is a Permanent Exhibit displayed pictorially on the upper walls of the Village Market and provides an historical reflection of our community Pre and Post Urban Renewal.  

The Hastie Room

The William H. Hastie Room is a permanent Exhibit at Beck and features the life and time of William H. Hastie, Jr., the first African-American Federal Judge in the United States.  Born in 1904, Judge Hastie had the value of education and worth of human dignity instilled in him early on by his mother and father. Hastie graduated from Harvard Law School in 1930, fourteenth in a class of 690. The Hasting Room contains one-of-a-kind mementos of the life and times of this extraordinary visionary.

The Pioneer Stairway

The Pioneer Stairway is lined with a vast array of our earliest black achievers. The bold stunning red walls create a visually stunning display that includes photographs and historical information on our communities’ most extraordinary trailblazers.  Included along with others is our very on, the Honorable, Daniel T. Brown, Knoxville's First African-American Mayor.


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