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Beck Exhibits

We have Permanent Exhibits and Feature Exhibits. Prepared to be intrigued.

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Welcome to Beck "Where African American History is Preserved"

Established in 1975 as a conservator of valuable resources, Beck is the storehouse of African-American history.

Beck is unique in that, of all of the black museums across the country, none has the collections that Beck Center has; not one can come close. The Beck Museum is a beautiful spacious and magnificent facility, which has a vast collection of both Permanent and Feature Exhibits. The exhaustive collections that Beck has and continues to amass allow the museum to rotate exhibits on an ongoing basis without end.

Beck is the Prototype for African American History.  In 1993 Beck published two books, 200 Years Of Black Culture In Knoxville Tennessee From 1791-1991 at the same time, And There Was Light! The 120-Year History of Knoxville College.  The publisher was so impressed with the books that they showed both books at an annual meeting of the African-American Museum Association and said to other communities, “this is the kind of work that you can do in your own community telling your story.”  At the same time they also approached several colleges with the Knoxville College book to convince them that their college histories were worthy of being published.   Consequently, some twenty communities and twelve black colleges published their histories using the Beck books as a guide.  Beck is flattered to be the pioneer in this important work.

Beck was established to research, collect, conserve and display, artifacts, artwork, photographs, books, films, writings, and memorabilia about the rich black history in East Tennessee for future generations.

Beck is a must see historical, educational and cultural experience and is a major tourist attraction. Since the founding of Beck, our broad cross-section of exhibits, artifacts, and, memorabilia, captured in a variety of styles and formats, have captivated the interest of visitors of all ages.

James and Ethel Beck, the Center’s namesake, were much like the Beck of today, models of what was and is possible. It is important that people, young and old, are able to see that. This is the theme that resonates throughout the museum.

Feel free to tour our website, then come experience Knoxville's most intriguing black history museum for yourself; the Beck Cultural Exchange Center, a place “Where African-American History Is Preserved.”


We look forward to welcoming you.

 Your Friends at Beck


Beck Cultural Exchange Center, Inc. offers an ever-changing lineup of exhibits. It's worth coming back as there is always something for everyone to enjoy. Our website is a great opportunity to learn more about Beck. Yet, we also invite you to stop by and visit the Museum and see for yourself a collection that is second to none.

Beck is a Good Investment.  Please consider investing in Beck today.

Thank you.

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